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Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Brushes for Long Haired Cats

The beautiful Persian coat that I adore so much.  Maintaining this coat is the most demanding job of owning a Persian. It is essential to consistently groom this cat and having the right tools makes it much easier. Below is a list of the top most essential brushes to keep your cat's coat healthy and beautiful.

1. Steel Pet Comb (often called Greyhound comb or flea comb)

This is essential and what I reach for the most.  This is needed to comb through the thick undercoat which is at the root of the hair. Mats begin at the root so brushing only the topcoat will not prevent mats. I use this after meal times to clean out my cat's mane. Also great to use regularly in the problem areas such as behind the ears and under the front legs. The comb I have linked above is an all metal brush with two different thickness at each end which I think would be more useful than mine pictured below. Again this is my number one most important brush.

Steel cat comb