Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stylish Scratching Posts

 Multifunctional Scratching Posts

Stylist cat scratching post

Scratching is an instinctive need for cats. All cats must be provided with areas to scratch. Except for maybe those who are declawed *poor kitties*. When I first got my cat I was nervous he was going to scratch my 30 year old vintage emerald green velvet sofa that I just adore. So I researched different scratching posts. I live in a smallish typical European apartment so its not like I could put a big ugly tree scratching area in my basement. And I know cats want to scratch in socially significant areas. I knew I did not want an ugly obtrusive scratching post in my home. I found some beautiful inspiration for scratching posts on places like HausPanther but the ones I liked were very expensive.

So I started with a DIY cardboard scratching box. Something like this:

DIY cardboard scratching post
DIY instructions here

It wasn't pretty, but it was free and I thought I would try it, however my cat wasn't interested even with catnip and treats. So I offered him cardboard as well as different tree trunks/logs to try out which he still uses but only on the terrace. He quickly showed me that he preferred my wicker bins. I was so happy! This bin contains all IT junk from our internet setup that I would rather hide. He loves laying down next to it to scratch and attack it.

Stylist cat scratching post
Its great because I spend a lot of time at the computer so every time he comes to say hello he scratches.  After a year of scratching there is only minimal damage. I do have to vacuum up the pieces that fall off. I am more than happy to replace it every couple years or so. 

Stylist cat scratching post

He loved it so much I bought two more to use around the house. 3 in 1! Its storage, visually appealing and fulfills his scratching needs. This one houses all of our maps and travel guides.

Stylist Cat Scratching Post

While I still have dreams getting some of the more designer modern scratching posts I have stalked on HausPanther, for now my family, my sofa and my cat couldn't be happier. :-)

The first one is from IKEA and made of sea grass and is all natural. 

Various Rattan Baskets - These baskets are easy to find in most home stores

What are your favorite scratching posts that do not clash with your home style?

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